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No more property insurance, upkeep, maintenance or tax costs, AND Tax benefits for your Donation

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Are you holding onto an mobile home that just sits on a lot draining money from your bank accounts unnecessarily? Holding onto a depreciating asset is not only a strain on your current finances, but when the time comes that you do decide to go ahead and finally sell it, you reap less and less returns.  You can realize considerable tax deductions by donating your trailer to a good cause now.



Many are burdened with unwanted property simply because they are unaware of their options. In numerous circumstances, selling is not ideal for an old trailer that may have even fallen into disrepair.  Many people hold on to idle properties for lack of a better alternative, and are frustrated with paying excessive costs with-out seeing a return on their original investment. But for all those frustrated, there’s hope. Donating your trailer can offer you the solution you have been waiting for.



Trailer donation is proven time and again as the best alternative to selling, due to the quick liquidation of assets, numerous tax breaks, and opportunity to benefit charitable foundations. Everyday, more people are discovering the ease of donating old mobile homes through our site. We are an organization that specializes in handling all of the aspects of the mobile home donation process for individuals, corporations, and charities. We are dedicated to ensuring that your trailer donation is a very positive and rewarding experience for all.



There are many great reasons to consider donating your unwanted mobile home to charity. Typically, our donors have been motivated to give for reasons including substantial tax deductions, freedom from unwanted property holdings, quick turnaround on unused assets, efficient liquidation of corporate property, and ultimately, the ideal way to give a generous gift to a favorite charity.

Regardless of your reasons, we can guide you in your decision to donating. Every year, we help hundreds of people nationwide contribute virtually all types of trailers including:

  • Single Wide

  • Double Wide

  • Triple Wide

  • Modern Tiny Homes

  • Trailer Frames


Overall, donating a mobile home provides a unique opportunity to give back to the community. Our donors experience the rewards and benefits of a trailer donation first hand.



Is it hard to donate a mobile home?

Our program is designed to make the process of transforming trailer gifts into valuable assets for charity as simple as possible. Donating a mobile home will guide you through each step along the way, while serving as the single contact point between you and the charities. Our mobile home pros can get you started immediately. Just contact us by phone or fill out our online form to initiate the giving process.

Mobile Home Donation Process – After Initial Contact

After the initial contact, our agents will schedule and appointment to look at the property. This preliminary inspection is simply to determine the condition of the physical property itself, inside and out. Based on this inspection, we will then make the decision to move forward with the donation process.

Mobile Home Donation Package

Upon the decision to proceed with the donation, the next step is to send you a donation package, which consists of the following documents:

A. Sign Over Title

B. Donation agreement

C. Declaration of the deed and gift


Who Can Donate?

  • Those that want to help charities.

  • Anyone that desires an IRS tax write-off.

  • Businesses with abandoned mobile structures.

  • Fully depreciated trailer homes. 

  • Uninsured catastrophes.


Types of Mobile Home Donations


What Kind of Trailer Home Can be Donated?

  • Small/Large Mobile Homes

  • Unwanted property

  • Small/Large Trailer Homes 




Every time you give to the charity of your choice it may also create a tax benefit for you. The money, the items and the property that you have donated to non-profit institutions throughout the tax year may be tax deductible which means that they could end up being the difference between a good tax return and a great tax return. Depending upon the kind of donation and the type of charity or foundation that you chose to donate to, the tax deduction it creates could be very helpful to you for reducing the amount taxes that you owe. Many successful and wealthy people state that at least to a certain degree, a part of whom they are and what they have become comes at least in part from the practice of giving. Contributing to charities can be a very convenient way to reduce your taxes.

Individual Mobile Home Donations:

  • If you own a trailer home that is titled in your name, or given to you and your spouse or other individuals, the following rules apply:

  • If you have owned the property for at least one year it falls under the long term capital gain classification of properties. This will allow you to reduce the maximum fair market price of the property being donated.

  • The deduction of your charitable contribution is a maximum of 30% of your adjusted gross income.

  • Surplus contributions can be carried forward for up to five years.

  • The fair market price will have to be decreased by its corresponding depreciation rate through the contribution date in the event of the property being depreciated. Usually, the fair market value is determined through independent appraisal.



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